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you’ll realize that relationships, while very important, usually come second in the world of men. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you and adore you and worship you.It means that feeling like a winner is essential to his sense of self and sense of self-worth.

It provides a breakdown of the male psyche while also giving you a lot of insight into yourself and into your relationships. From personal experience, I can tell you that trying to decipher whether or not a particular guy had feelings for me was a .

Rejection hurts no matter what your gender, but it takes different forms for men and women.

Given what we learned in the last chapter about how essential it is for a man to feel like a winner, it’s not surprising that most men are absolutely terrified of rejection.

I honestly never knew or even considered how vital it is for a man to feel like a winner.

I never saw it discussed or even hinted at in magazines or relationship books, and it certainly isn’t something men tell you outright. Once you know it, however, you will see it in everything he does. You won’t feel like he isn’t prioritizing you or doesn’t care …

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It means he wants to provide for you in ways that will make you happy.

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