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“I have decided to take out of circulation bills of 100 bolivars in the next 72 hours,” Maduro said.

“We must keep beating the mafias.” Paying a restaurant or supermarket bill without a debit or credit card can often require a backpack full of cash.

The surprise move, announced by Maduro during an hours-long speech, is likely to worsen a cash crunch in Venezuela.

Maduro said the 100-bolivar bill will be taken out of circulation on Wednesday and Venezuelans will have 10 days after that to exchange those notes at the central bank.

Deaths caused by authorities: 14Gruseny Antonio Canelon, Daniel Queliz, Jairo Ortiz, Christian Ochoa, Diego Hernandez, Eyker Daniel Rojas Gil, Luis José Alviarez Chacón, Manuel Castellanos, August Sergio Pugas Velásquez, Juan Pablo Pernalete Lovera, Cesar David Pereira, Direct victims of opposition political violence: 23Bryan Principal, Oliver Villa Camargo, Niumar Jose Sanclemente, Almelina Carrillo, Paola Ramirez, Jesus Leonardo Sulbaran, Luis Alberto Marquez, Efrain Sierra, Rexol Navas, Gerardo Barrera, Anderson Dugarte, Jorge David Escandon, Pedro Josue Carrillo, Danny José Subero, Orlando Figuera, Deaths indirectly linked to opposition barricades*: 8Ricarda Gonzalez, Ana Colmenarez, Maria de los Angeles Guanipa, Angel Enrique Moreira Gonzalez, Carlos Enrique Hernández, José Amador Lorenzo González, Luis Alberto Machado, Deaths still unaccounted for / disputed: 61Miguel Ángel Colmenares, Mervins Guitian Díaz, Orlando Johan Jhosep Medina, Armando Cañizales, Juan Lopez, César Armando Guzman Jiménez, Socrates Salgado, Hecder Lugo, Miguel Castillo, Yeison Mora, Diego Arellano, José Francisco Guerrero, Edy Alejandro Teran Aguilar, Yoman Alí Bervecia Cabeza, Elvis Adonis Montilla Perez, Alfredo Carrizales, Miguel Bravo Ramirez, Freiber Perez Vielma, Juan Antonio Sánchez Suárez, Erick Antonio Molina Contreras, Adrian Jose Duque Vargas, Jhon Alberto Quintero, Manuel Sosa, Nelson Antonio Moncada Gomez, María Estefanía Rodríguez, Luis Miguel Gutierrez Molina, Yoinier Peña, Wilfredo José Mendoza Plaza, Neomar Lander, Jose Santiago Molleton Quintero, Jose Gregorio Perez Perez, People killed in lootings**: 14Jairo Ramírez, William Marrero, Robert Centeno, Jonathan Meneses, Elio Pacheco, Kenyer Aranguren, Stivenson Zamora, Yorgeiber Rafael Barrena Bolivar, Albert Rodriguez, Ramon Martinez, Kevin León, Francisco González, Eduardo Quintero, The opposition initially claimed that she had died due to tear gas used by authorities.

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela, mired in an economic crisis and facing the world’s highest inflation, will pull its largest bill, worth two U. cents on the black market, from circulation this week ahead of introducing new higher-value notes, President Nicolas Maduro said on Sunday.MP has confirmed Colmenares died of a shotgun wound following a robbery in the vicinity of opposition protests by unidentified subjects, who reportedly threw explosive devises at him before opening fire.Armed protesters opened fire on the adjacent Ali Primera government public housing (GMVV) complex after residents from the latter attempted to remove burning roadblocks.Authorities on Thursday are due to start releasing six new notes and three new coins, the largest of which will be worth 20,000 bolivars, less than on the streets.No official inflation data is available for 2016 though many economists see it in triple digits. Who would possibly think of doing something like this in December amid all our problems?

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However, the CICPC has linked Camacho to the armed March 5 Front collective, although the allegation has not been independently confirmed.