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A wide range of formats grants an optimized adaptation to the site's available spaces.· Optimizes advertiser's campaigns: increases campaign e CPMs by placing the best performance ads in the websites that effectively reach targeted users. - Manages, Delivers, Measures, and Tracks online ads - Multiplatform solution optimized by device, OS, service operator and browser We specialize in entertainment marketing for web & mobile sources.Looking for an organization in your area who has the Touch Chat App on an i Pad® / i Pod® / i Phone®?Below is a list of places where you may be able to try the Touch Chat App, borrow it from a lending library, or get an assessment with it before you purchase.Please note that some of these organizations may charge a fee for their services and they may not offer all of the previously mentioned services.If you would like your organization to be listed as a Touch Chat Partner, please complete the application.

Quality users collected from specific websites that will match any user's profile: by gender, age, nationality, profession, hobby, etc. Our DB only provides verified and qualified active data: no fake leads, no non-target users. Your campaign will only be sent to users that consent by a double opt-in process and in compliance with laws.Nvia's virtual currency optimizes and simplifies non-paying-users monetization and is 100% ready to be used in any game. total users - Increases income exponentially - Increases the base of active players & the time players spend in the game - Improves the gameplay through the purchase of add-ons and items - Helps move players from one game to another; in-game currency is multi-game and can be spent in any developers title Nvia has developed its own game back-end system with all the necessary tools to bring success to any game. Nvia's back-end will solve those technical issues you don't want to spend time, effort and money on.Database: scalable, supports millions of users Game Economics: virtual money (can be used in any developer's title), rewards, prizes Server: multiplayer, real-time, supports turns Player's community management (forum, FAQs, news, etc.) Social networks integration Rankings: per day, week, month, clan, friends, competition Items: power-ups, collections, achievements Avatar personalization Notifications On Demand: per player, group, global Online management of users, accounts, events, localized versions, etc.- More than 700 working servers, over 10,000 registered domains, 50Gb broadband.- 4 different internet suppliers to guarantee 99.9% uptime: Cogent, Tiscali, NTT, Colt.

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Nvia provides ALL IN ONE global publishing services for online and mobile game developers Experts in the Spanish-speaking markets PLUS: German, Polish and Czech Only native speakers and in-house translators, to guarantee the highest quality localization for the games Profit-driven.

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