1950 s dating advice

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1950 s dating advice

No dating topic was off limits and no detail spared.Women followed suit, holding post-date summits over brunch or sending group texts to discuss (and dis) dates.Flirting was more covert than overt, especially at dances: "The girls would walk around one way and the guys would walk around the other way," explains Ziegler."They'd look at you and you'd look at them and then someone would come over finally." Today's seduction dance is more likely to play out on smartphones, not face-to-face.

For the forthcoming school year she would follow, month by month, the advice prescribed in Betty Cornell’s Teenage Popularity Guide, a self-help manual written in 1951 for young women, on such topics as posture, grooming, the necessity of girdles and the appropriateness of pearls.As her mother, Monica, says with some trepidation, ‘Never in a million years would I have dreamt all this.It’s such a private thing, a personal journey, a journal, and then all of a sudden it’s just…’ She trails off. We are sitting, the three of us, in a restaurant in New York in late April, on the day, Van Wagenen tells me, that Betty Cornell turns 86.Today, you can't escape dating do's and don'ts, yet in your grandma's day it was more implied than talked about."My mother and grandmothers were hush-hush on stating clearly and in detail the rules," says Good.

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