40something dating rules

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40something dating rules

The majority of people who come to Boracay are either Korean tourists who keep to themselves, or the worst types of backpackers who go there with one mission – to tick the Philippines off of their list, get wasted, and have sex with whoever comes along.

Imagine a full moon party at Koh Phangan in Thailand, but every day!

When I politely declined, they still asked for money and wouldn’t leave me alone unless I gave them something.

I have nothing against tipping, but yelling “Give me a tip now!

Why you can avoid this by going to Caticlan Airport, there’s also a ferry terminal…

Not to mention that the most popular search term is ‘Boracay cheap prostitutes’ and ‘cheap sex in Boracay’.

Multiple people reported food poisoning (myself included), so something clearly isn’t right…

The ferry terminal is like an airport where they x-ray your luggage and make you wait patiently to board your boat. I was trying to be polite while waiting for my luggage to be scanned when I was hit and pushed a couple of times by locals who absolutely didn’t care that I was standing there.

When we finally got to the island, nobody cared that Southwest left us all, around 40 people, in the pouring rain while they screamed out hotel numbers for at least 15 minutes before putting us in minibusses where we felt like sardines in a can. Before heading to Boracay, I read on a blog that one of the best things about Boracay was the crowd and meeting other tourists.

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Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I was surrounded by so many ignorant people.