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For success, individuals with learning disabilities require early identification and timely specialized assessments and interventions involving home, school, community and workplace settings.The interventions need to be appropriate for each individual’s learning disability subtype and, at a minimum, include the provision of: Learning Disabilities (LDs) are specific neurological disorders that affect the way a person stores, understands, retrieves and/or communicates information.Learning disabilities result from impairments in one or more processes related to perceiving, thinking, remembering or learning.These include, but are not limited to: language processing; phonological processing; visual spatial processing; processing speed; memory and attention; and executive functions (e.g. Learning disabilities range in severity and may interfere with the acquisition and use of one or more of the following: Learning disabilities may also involve difficulties with organizational skills, social perception, social interaction and perspective taking. The way in which they are expressed may vary over an individual’s lifetime, depending on the interaction between the demands of the environment and the individual’s strengths and needs.She did her research, contacted the experts, and determined what she thought was the best route for her child.We don’t agree that retention is the best case for most children.

The meeting began with the principal telling the 15-person team this had never been done and trying to coerce them to decide against before I even started.

I passed it out, showed my slides a la Wrightslaw style, and we won or case. Do your homework, make a nice presentation that is prepared like the “letter to the stranger” (see Emotions to Advocacy book), and go for it.

I never thought I could win on this request, but it turned out to be pretty easy.

These disorders are not due primarily to hearing and/or vision problems, socio-economic factors, cultural or linguistic differences, lack of motivation or ineffective teaching, although these factors may further complicate the challenges faced by individuals with learning disabilities.

Learning disabilities may co-exist with various conditions including attentional, behavioural and emotional disorders, sensory impairments or other medical conditions.

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