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The main source that implies that the WT in a triangle mark was still in use as late as 1964 was a chart printed by Owens-Illinois, as mentioned by Bill Lockhart in his article, here: H He was referring to a chart copied in an archaeology report by Dale Berge in 1980.( ) which can be read online (page 83 on that pdf file).From research done on Whitall Tatum insulators, (by collector and researcher Richard Wentzel) as discussed on page 138 of the reference book “Insulators: A History and Guide to North American Glass Pintype Insulators” (Mc Dougald & Mc Dougald, 1990), he indicates that the “A in a circle” was apparently first placed on their insulator molds about 1941 (three years after Armstrong took over), and, meanwhile, the WT in a triangle mark was phased out gradually, over a period of quite a few years, from approximately 1941 to 1949, ON THEIR INSULATORS.

I have never seen any bottles with the WT mark that appear to date after the 1940s, or maybe the early 1950s at the latest.The Other Wiki, in fact, has a list of their works about a mile long.The works featured below are just with studios in both Taiwan and Japan.Many of their pharmacy bottles have a letter or letters embossed (along with the “W. CO”) on the base which were typically mold identification marks (not date codes).Note: some of these earlier clear glass bottles may turn a pale amethyst color if subjected to long exposure to sunlight.

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In 1838, at which time the glassworks was then known as the “Phoenix Glass Works”, Captain John M. Shortly afterward, the firm name became Scattergood & Whitall after the retirement of Haverstick.