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A short while later, Meryl woke me as she stumbled around the darkened room, one shoe off, one shoe on, knickers around her ankles, but still with her blouse on. 'Debbie made a pass at me, so I came back'............Turning on the light, I noticed that her lipstick was smudged, mascara was smeared down her cheek and her hair was a mess. As I tried to understand what that meant, Meryl gave up trying to undress and flopped unconcious on the bed.Forget about the free porn and boring sex tubes and welcome here at Sex Free.Cam where you can experience the ultimate interactive free live sex on the web. As she was on holiday with her husband Terry, Meryl assumed that the idea was to have a threesome with them, so she declined, saying that she was not attracted to Terry........turned out that Debbie wanted Meryl all to herself, confessing that her and Terry hadn't had sex for ten years and that she was only attracted to women.Flustered, Meryl got up to make her excuses, but was so drunk that Debbie had to help her to the lift.All eyes were on me as I fished out my hubbys cock and started giving his buddies a show.It didn’t take but just a few minutes before everyone had their pants and underwear off, with erections in hand, At that point I was told to get on my knees and my hubby started to eat my ass in preparation to be fucked.

On their own, in a deserted hotel bar, Debbie had propositioned Meryl, asking if she would like to come back to her room.

On the way up to the twelfth floor, Debbie kissed Meryl, she responded and they ended up fingering each other in the lift.

Both now too drunk to take it any further, they parted, a little embarrased, and returned to their rooms.

Then every few minutes he would stop and pull out, so he could scrape the cum all over my ass into my gaping hole, Then he would continue to pound away with everyone’s cum inside my ass.

Now my hubby loves the idea and helped it come true to a point as it was in a much smaller scale.

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Meryl seemed reluctant, but eventually told me that Debbie offered to walk her back to the hotel, where they shared yet another drink.

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