Advances in the forensic analysis and dating of writing ink Webcam chat rooms to have camsex

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Advances in the forensic analysis and dating of writing ink

A unique paper may be, and in actual cases has been, traced to a single individual.

The secret markings that identify paper used by governments, banks, and other official organizations are also many of them on file along with the paper stocks, as an aid in checking the authenticity of official documents.

A file of miscellaneous documents our Friend had turned over to us in the past was now examined, and all were found to be forgeries.

Upon interrogation he admitted his duplicity and begged not to be exposed.

The blue watermarked stationery could have been bought only in Australia or New Zealand, on the other side of the world from the purported Communist writer.

He had apparently built up a network of informants extending deep into the denied areas.By laboratory examination it may be possible to develop the complete text of indented or other imperfect writings, establish the validity of a document, detect any alterations or erasures, identify the author by analysis of the handwriting or typewriting, determine the kind, specific type, origin, and approximate age of the paper and ink used, and find the kind, specific type, and origin of the writing instruments.Although a document is legally defined as being of any material on which marks may be inscribed, including gravestones and in a recent case a silver goblet engraved with Josef Stalin's true signature, the material used for most documents is of course paper.Seven or eight years ago an intelligence officer came into possession, under circumstances which aroused his professional ardor, of a small scrap of notepaper bearing only an address and a very common first name scribbled underneath it.For two years he persisted in trying to identify the writer of this note, collecting handwriting specimens from a number of likely places and submitting them for laboratory comparison. The points of venue of these marked the writer's trail through several trouble-ridden countries, but none identified him.

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It can be established that a document is forged by showing that its paper is not as old as its purported date.