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Ruby Lin embarked on her filming career at an early age of seventeen as a part-time advertisement model. Ruby Lin originally planned on going abroad to study after high school graduation, but her parents didn't liked their daughter to be involved in the entertainment industry.

After doing commercials for many products besides Jasmine tea, her parents finally agreed to let Ruby sign entertainment management company.

Originally, Chiung Yao arranged for Ruby Lin to play "Sai Ya".

But due to the actress who arranged for main role cannot participate, production team should re-arranged all actresses again.

Ruby turning away from the kind and sweet image she had earned from her role in Princess Pearl Consequently, after starring in another Chinese blockbuster series Romance in the Rain which written by Chiung Yao, Ruby Lin was voted as the Top Ten Most Famous Asian Superstars for two consecutive years (2000 & 2001).

Ruby also entered the music industry and released her album.

After some tests by company, they discovered that ruby's makings were more suitable for "Zi Wei", they immediately made the final decision.

After this series Princess Huanzhuwas broadcast, it enjoyed the highest ratings in China, ruby lin quickly rose to prominence.

And this is first time leaving my native place for long time far-away China to shoot, in overcoming the challenges of being in an unfamiliar surrounding (Taiwan Cover story Interview in 2001)" After rose to prominence, she continually to star in a number of successful television series.

Same year, she also casted some of Taiwan TV drama as a supporting roles.

During 1995~1997, Ruby filmed some of Taiwan TV series and people start to notice this new face.

At that time it was a film taking place in a school, played a class leader, in a scene there was a slogan, stand up, stand at attention, salute, took about 10-20 tries, I was so scared of the director scolding at me, the feeling of frustration was quite big." (Taiwan FTV Interview in 2003) Growing up After playing minor roles in various series and films, Ruby was selected by Taiwanese famous writer Chiung Yao and had Camera test for main role of new TV drama.

In 1997, Ruby surged to the top as an emanating star through her beloved "Princess Ziwei role in the TV series Princess Huanzhu, appealing to mass audiences throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.

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"After I decided as Ziwei's role, I got the script only three days before I had to leave for filming.

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