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Alex morgan dating seattle sounder

Sure, I had to work with the head of the office and a more senior colleague in a different department, but for the most part, I was free to control my own schedule.

So long as the business was coming in, nobody could complain.

In 2007, I thought I could easily work for 10 more years and then call it quits for good.

Little did I know the financial crisis would crush my industry and cause me to pursue a different path just Finances: I received the biggest bonus of my life in 2007 due to a negotiation I had with my big boss in Hong Kong.

If they lost me to a competitor, they would have been screwed for at least six months as they scrambled to find and train my replacement.

30 years old was a significant age because I finally felt like I could be taken seriously.

But of course, I suffered from occassional tennis elbow pain that kept me from swinging freely.

I was loving my career because I was finally my own boss in San Francisco.The wagyu beef and Moscow Mules tasted especially good thanks to a corporate card with a 0/head budget.I remember telling myself that no matter what, living in San Francisco was healthier than living in Manhattan.Instead of investing everything I had in the stock market, I decided to invest most of my savings in real estate.At least with real estate, if all went to hell, I’d still have something to sleep in.

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