Alexi giannoulias dating

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Alexi giannoulias dating

Since state treasurers are elected, they regularly have political experience.

Treasurer Bill Lockyer of California served as the state attorney general and as state senator before running for treasurer. Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas served in the state legislature before becoming treasurer.

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Rod Blagojevich (D.), according to conversations captured by secret FBI wiretaps.

As the state bank, the treasury also processes checks to state employees and vendors.

As the state money manager, the treasurer must carefully invest the state's pooled money accounts into steady growth stocks, bonds and securities.

Citizens elect state treasurers to serve four-year terms, but some states -- most notably Texas and New York -- instead have comptrollers of public accounts. Many have experience in the finance and investment banking sector, and many also hold law or graduate business degrees.The disgraced former governor intimated that he would seek a substantial campaign contribution in exchange for giving Pritzker a senior political office. The discussions were captured by secret FBI wiretaps, which were given to the .The conversations between Blagojevich and Pritzker, a major Democratic donor, took place in 2008 just days after Barack Obama was elected president and vacated his U. Several of Blagojevich's convictions involved his efforts to trade an appointment to Obama's vacated Senate seat for campaign money.Discussing Obama's wish that Blagojevich appoint Valerie Jarrett to the vacant seat, Pritzker said it was only worth it if Blagojevich got something in return."The only reason to do it is if he'll appoint you to something," Pritzker told the governor.

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If the state has a pension plan for public employees and teachers, the treasurer will usually sit on its board. Since lottery revenue is pocketed by the treasury, the state treasurer plays a key role in deciding how games are run and payments are made [source: Mass Lottery].

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