All 100 percent dating aisar si

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All 100 percent  dating aisar si

The annual Engineers' and Architects' Open House is spon- sored, planned, managed and carried out by engineering and architecture students. l-01f PAST attendance records, more than 8,000 visitors are expected for the two-day events. Students still will he able to park in the West Stadium and Call hall parkins lots," he said.The 1900 theme is "Develop- ing the Space Age." Trophies for departmental exhibit win- ners will be presented by Steel Ring, engineering honorary. mine the Commu^tf North Vietnamese port of Hai- phong bas triggered another raoad of the Senate's great de- bete tm U. The present proposal would limit on-campus parking to fac- ulty, staff, eommaters and phyal^ cally haadleavped atndeh U.HQ will be presented March 25 and 26 in me AAuwicipal Aodltorium, ■ f '■ ■ Red Chinese Lose Favor . :' f WK POLITICAL and Secur- ity Committee resolution gained a majority of rotes but failed in salalng the necessary two- thirds daring the final day of Oentral Asaemblj AAntt..

(See details on page 3.) Fulbright Wary of War WASHINQTON— Sen.

One loeation la near the site of the proposed auditorium and the se e i wtd would be near the Union.

MO STATE fnnds for the mu- seum are heint toaght becanae Helm Is eertaln they would be given low priority. An art museum -woald build interest in art appreciation, at- tract visitors, and provide per- manent housing for K-State'a regional art collection which haa been growing since 1930. The Regional art collection is composed of works ereated by Kansas and midwp Ht artists.

Cossini'a speech topic Is the Soeiellst Labor party's stand on the Tiet Nam sttu»« tion. Oossinl was thm wntf* candidate for Tlee Nv Mt editor ........ Editorial Ed Mer Bob Rico Win Editor Paul Mi Mhring Photoortphy Editor Jim Garver Spaclal Sftctioru Editor Susie Miller Asst. Bri Ke Coonrod Librarian .^tore Smith Editor : I read Uoug Smith's, BAA Sr, letter in Mon- day's Collegian, which calls attention to the moral weakness of the typical csollege student In tills time of his country's need. Peb, 7 was the first day that a full- eoent meal waa served. Flora, MInliter Sv Ddar School — 9 : 4S a.m., Morafng Worship — 11 a.m.. Grftoe Bapttst Church 2901 Dickens Avenne Glenn Faulkner, Pastor Sunday School — a.m. W«rsliip Service — 10:, 191 — ^Dave Llgbtner (4-8), and heavyweifbt — ^Lankat. This Fridsy and Saturday at tlie SKYLINE featuring D'TODCS and their Fabulous Five-Man Sound Bich-lla Ter»d hot ludee and uaeolli IWir Qu Mal J&Mia a fo Torftcl DRIRV QUEEN im N.

Ed thamnats Day Editort Dtns Wothington, Su Mn Roienkrsnz Ni#lt Editors „ Mike Lowe, Connie AAit«t Staff Writers Vom Pvkor, Linda Bugbes Sports Editor ..... I HAY SAY thai my cxtnvictlona on tiie stu- dent's moral state were vindi- cated. wpwion If war is nothing elise, it is good exercise. St MMBR EHrii OTMBHTi MOKDAYi Cheley Colorado Camps (Den- ver, Colo), Soph., Jr., Sr., Gja of Rfpcnt R r»^- eently announced that tlu- food center will be named for (Irar H Derby who was a K-State li- brary atatt mamber for 40 yearn. dietfetan and food executive for Dcrtiy Food Center, said that at present it pro Tldea peals for approximately 900 coeds and by next year will serve from l.&OO to 1,8 SO atn- denta. IN THK Fl'Tl RK the Derby Pood Center will serve tbe four- unit dormitory complex of which Moore and West hull H are a part. Children's Church — a.m., Christ's Ambassadors — p.m., Bfgg^tia tt f f tw 7 ; t O p.m. Bfae Valley Memo Hal Metho M 835 Ghnrch Avanae Aitoh R. Morning Worship — 11 a.m., Unl- Tenity Student's ^ellovshlp 8npper-^S:80 pitt. Third COMPLETE For business and pleasure frips H c Q$ts no more to con$ult « on expert.

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