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When memory is limited, Cplex will automatically make adjustments which may negatively impact performance.If you are working with large models, study the section entitled Physical Memory Limitations carefully.If Cplex was specified as the default solver during GAMS installation, the above statement is not necessary.There are two Cplex links in the GAMS system: GAMS/Cplex and GAMS/Cplex D.

Cplex provides a sifting algorithm which can be effective on problems with many more variables than equations.The Cplex D solver link lack some functionality available in the Cplex link (e.g.sensitivity analysis for linear programs, support for SOS variables), but Cplex D offers a few facility of interest to a small community: Finally, a bare-bone interface to the LP and MIP solver of Cplex is available under the name OSICPLEX. Cplex solves LP problems using several alternative algorithms.Access is provided (subject to proper licensing) to Cplex solution algorithms for linear, quadratically constrained and mixed integer programming problems.While numerous solving options are available, GAMS/Cplex automatically calculates and sets most options at the best values for specific problems.

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Cplex has a very efficient algorithm for network models.