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These negative consequences appear to be less pronounced with marijuana.Research found significantly lower incidences of domestic violence among couples who smoke marijuana, for instance.

“One participant interestingly pointed out that marijuana use decreased his likelihood of engaging in risk behaviour because while high he was too paranoid to give in,” the study found.

Another reported that being high distracted her from the experience.“You’re so high (on marijuana)… Drunk sex is riskier overall.“With regard to sexual risk behaviour, the majority of participants felt that alcohol was riskier, sexually, than marijuana,” Palamar and his colleagues found.

People typically said they exercised poorer judgment when drunk than when stoned, and were more likely to blackout and forget whom they were with, what they were doing or whether they used protection.

But alcohol “was commonly discussed in terms of having sex with strangers (or someone new),” the study found.2. Stoned sex typically doesn’t.“The most commonly reported feeling after sex on alcohol was regret,” the study found.

“Both males and females commonly reported that regret, shame, and embarrassment were associated with alcohol use, but this was rarely reported for marijuana.”“I want to cook the person something to eat (after sex) when I’m high,” one male respondent said.

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