American women dating moroccan men

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Next time you go to an internet café, look around before ferociously logging on to your e-mail account – it is not at all uncommon that behind one of those computers you will see guy with a bunch of instant messaging windows open on his screen, chatting with more than one woman in the same time and proclaiming his undying love to each and every one of them.

It’s a game and it’s fun, and the grand prize is the easy life! It gives few handy pointers to women who truly believe that they have found a true love from an Arabic country, but who have still maintained enough presence of mind to think realistically and doubt even a tiny bit in His motivations.

Like in bed, in life they will always find time to show you how much they love you and what you truly mean to them.

It’s the same with kids, as a Moroccan mother will do anything to give her child the best life she could give them.

I’ve made some curious acquaintances in Morocco and after you get past the playboy hustler image and they don’t see you as an opportunity for a better life anymore, it is quite interesting to talk to them – to listen to their stories, opinions, thoughts and ambitions.

These are the guys you see hanging on the streets or cafeterias, hair carefully oiled, dressed up to their eyeballs in Versace and Dolce & Gabbana knock-offs.

Any white woman will do, her outlook is not a factor.

They have many family gatherings, where women cook together and men sit in the living room speaking about a variety of topics.

Of course, you will be expected to do the same, so don’t be shy as they will not bite you!

Moroccans, generally know what’s wrong and what’s right, and nothing will make them change their mind, especially when it comes to their partner.

Speaking at least two languages is a casualty in Morocco, and the most spoken languages are Moroccan Arabic, French, Spanish, and English.

Morocco was occupied by the French and Spanish in the early 20th century, and many parts of the country are still attached, culturally, to what the Spaniards and French left behind them—not only the languages but customs, architectural buildings, and more!

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Not as a bit thinner or prettier, but just as they really are.

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