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The reasons vary -- some are recovering from a difficult breakup, others are abiding by religious mandates, and a few have decided it's just not worth it.In a sex-obsessed world, it's comforting to hear a show devoted to the idea of celibacy.Rough power grabs with fumbling fingers all over the place." It's hot. , the brainchild of a team of sex workers who unpacked the graphic details of their trade in a series of two-way interviews.A few years in, the project fell into the hands of host Kaitlin Prest and senior producer Mitra Kaboli, who steered the content toward great narrative storytelling that honored the show's past. This is a podcast for couples that don't always fit a traditional position in the bedroom."The Intimacies" was submitted in writing by an anonymous dominatrix and turned into audio gold by producer Julia Alsop.It chronicles the struggle of a sex worker in keeping her personal life separate from her work giving hand jobs and masturbating for strangers.It's also a lesson in sex work, kink, and the power of dirty talk.Men call pro domme Ceara Lynch because they want to be humiliated -- a service she's happy to provide.

Not the Amish version -- comedian Kurt Braunohler's version, a last-ditch effort for couples who might be calling it quits but who are still willing to give it one last shot.

Her silky sound, and the authenticity that comes through even when she's playing a role, make for great objects of character study, and Lynch is bold, unapologetic, and not at all judgmental.

Even the people who contact the humiliatrix should empower listening couples.

After all, if you want your fantasy to become reality, the first thing you have to do is speak up.

Dan Savage came to fame through his nationally syndicated sex-advice column, "Savage Love." On his podcast version, Savage addresses everything from "fucking first" on your wedding day to how to safely introduce anal sex.

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