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Both Angelina Love and Davey Richards parted ways with Impact Wrestling earlier this year.Despite her break up with Davey Richards, things seem to be going well for Angelina Love, and she recently caught up with some faces that will be familiar to Impact Wrestling fans. Rosemary out with Decay, they saw potential in Brandi but she wouldn’t come to the darkness and rejected them.Decay surrounds Brandi, Rosemary puts Brandi in a guillotine, Moose makes the save. Maria was trying to distract Brooke during the match.Lashley defeated Eddie Edwards to retain the World Heavyweight Title.In the end, Eddie looked to have the win but Davey Richards pulled the referee out allowing Lashley to Spear Edwards for the win.

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Jade challenges Rosemary to a Last Knockout Standing match, Rosemary accepts.

Allie has been instructed by Maria to come out and invite everyone to the wedding of Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness.

Airing February 9th Moose & Brandi Rhodes defeat Crazzy Steve & Rosemary when Moose pins Crazzy Steve.

Airing February 16th Cody & Brandi Rhodes are out, Cody says he has been everywhere but now he is back at Impact Wrestling. Cody wants to personally thank Moose for helping Brandi with Decay, so he asks Moose to come out.

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