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For example, what if you want to animate "rotation" and "scale" independently, with different timings and eases?Maybe an element is continuously pulsing (oscillating scale) and you'd like to rotate it on rollover. See the Pen Independent Transforms by Green Sock (@Green Sock) on Code Pen In my opinion, this is a glaring weakness in CSS but if you only do simpler animations that animate the entire transform state at any given time, this won't be an issue for you.Crank up the number of dots and see how j Query, GSAP, and Zepto compare.Since Zepto uses CSS transitions for all of its animations, it should perform best, right?“Gnomon is the best school for 3D art and I’m so glad I attended.The classes are challenging but absolutely worth the commitment.So don't just assume that if you animate with CSS, everything magically gets GPU-juiced. The other part of "hardware acceleration" has to do with being able to use a different CPU thread for animation-related calculations.

The stress test below creates a certain number of image elements (dots) and animates them from the center to random positions around the edges using random delays, creating a starfield effect.Animating the scale, rotation, and position of an element is incredibly common.In CSS, they're all crammed into one "transform" property, making them impossible to animate in a truly distinct way on a single element.See the Pen Speed Test: GSAP vs Zepto (CSS Transitions) vs j Query by Green Sock (@Green Sock) on Code Pen The results confirm what is widely reported on the web - CSS animations are significantly faster than .However, on most devices and browsers I tested, the Java Script-based GSAP performed even better than CSS animations (by a wide margin in some cases, like on the Microsoft Surface RT GSAP was probably at least 5 times faster than the CSS transitions created by Zepto, and on the i Pad 3 i OS7 transforms were significantly faster when animated with GSAP instead of CSS transitions): "better"?

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First of all, only properties that don't affect document flow can truly be relegated to a different thread.

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