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Also of note is the fact that religious terminology familiar to Muslims was not very much used in this version of the Bible, as is the case in most Arabic versions of the Bible.

As a counter-reaction to Van Dyck's Protestant translation, the Jesuits of Beirut started to prepare their own Catholic translation of the Bible soon after.

The Van Dyck translation was done at the beginning of the revival of Modern Standard Arabic as a literary language, and consequently many of the terms coined did not enter into common use.

One indication of this is a recent edition of the Van Dyck printed by the Bible Society in Egypt, which includes a glossary of little-understood vocabulary, with around 3000 entries.

A traditional translation of this kind is known as a sharħ (plural shurūħ), from the Arabic word for "explanation".

These translations were generally used for teaching purposes rather than in the synagogue, and many of them were printed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In addition to obsolete or archaic terms, this translation uses religious terminology that Muslim or other non-Christian readers may not understand (e.g.

tajdīf, the word for blasphemy.) It should also be noted that an Arab Muslim reading the Bible in Arabic (especially if reading the New Testament) will find the style quite different from the style that is used in the Qur'an (this is more or less true of all Arabic translations of the Bible).

The New Testament was completed on March 9, 1860, followed by the Old Testament on March 10, 1865.The first volume of this work was published in 1876, with the whole New Testament in 1878, and the complete Bible already in 1880.The main contributors in the translator team were Father Augustin Rodet and Sheikh Ibrahim al-Yaziji.One of the oldest Arabic bibles was discovered in the 19th century at Saint Catherine's Monastery. These are similar to the appellations utilized by Muslims in Classical Arabic, but the term Ar-rabb is quite distinct from Muslim usage, which normally does not use the definite article, instead predominantly making use of a vocative without an article or affixed possessive pronoun. It includes the biblical text, marginal comments, lectionary notes, and glosses, as found in the manuscript., respectively).

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