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During the night Silver heard Blaze (Go to the Silver the dark to see what Silver heard). Some of the Sonic characters get forced to participate in a "game" that will determine who they will be dating, but due to someone not wanting it to be totally cliche, they change the results to make this crazy. Everyone nodded as if that was all that needed to be said. Tails the Fox was next."I would say that inventing is my thing," Tails answered."Yeah! " Knuckles said thinking back on his beautiful island in the sky. It totally obliterated me…," Knuckles answered."Nevermind what I said earlier. " demanded Knuckles."Actually, yes.""We're going to get a tragic backstory with Maria in it aren't we? He flipped the pages and set it on February second. It wasn't cold at all for the second day after January strangely. Shadow, Silver, Tails, Knuckles, Blaze, Rouge, and Cosmo were there too. Tails knocked on the door."Tails, what are you doing here? Once I was done walking, I played a long game of checkers with the master emerald. " Shadow said rolling his eyes."SO YOU HAVE A BETTER STORY FOR ME!? I figured, I could at least try to experience one of their holidays! Turns out the first one was my favorite," Shadow explained."What about the next one?

Maybe playing some of my video games too," Sonic replied."All you ever think about is yourself Sonic…," Tails commented."I'm the fastest thing alive! I want it to be a person, but, hey, objects do work too I guess. Silver and Blaze were dating happly until Silver finds out Blaze is cheating on him for Sonic.Silver the once cheerful, and nieve hedgehog is now a hateful, and rude. Summary: Silver and Blaze were dating happly until Silver finds out Blaze is cheating on him for sonic. " Amy said from somewhere a light appeared with the calendar in the light. There's no escaping from here until you play," Amy said."Play? " Kaira snapped."No need to go all Zaira on me…," Sonic squeaked."Question 1. ""I want to be with my couch, a chili dog, and my TV watching action movies on it. Tails, your turn to answer the question," Kaira said after scribbling down Sonic's answers on a sheet of paper."I guess that's easy. I'm sure that everyone saw that one coming, but it's totally true," Tails answered."That's the kind of answer I'd prefer. " Knuckles snapped."Knuckles and his emerald, sitting on a floating rock," Shadow joked."HEY! " asked Silver."KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT YOU IDIOT FROM THE FUTURE! The Batman and Catwoman incident…," Silver made up."Heh! If you need to check the date, my calendar is over there! " asked Silver."I've set up the force field around my house (again if you read The Sonic Crew Plays Quelf). Sonic nearly passed out when he heard the name, Shadow looked for a moment horrified, Blaze with Cosmo were sort of baffled, Silver was trying not to smirk at Blaze (he likes her), Knuckles turned an even brighter red, Rouge got out her lipstick, and Tails looked sort of nervous."I wanna die…," Sonic whimpered."I've been in too many fan projects to be in this situation! " asked Sonic."You're the main character, so you have to do this! " Tails shot back."This is about love and not fighting…," Silver said."I'd prefer it to be all about fighting myself…," Knuckles growled."Everyone be quiet, and I'll make a fuzzy cat appear! (A fuzzy cat was rubbing against my computer)."Uh…""Nevermind! Better for it to hang out with me rather than that batty thief!

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The lights flicked on and everyone could now see that the room was decorated with lots of reds and pinks. Shadow was more unnerved by the decor rather than what he was getting involved in. You each only have to answer a bunch of questions and at the end, we match you all up with a date for the night based on your results! I think that we should start off with asking the men! All the ladies shall be escorted to the other room," Amy explained. He crossed his arms."Maria," he said without even having to think. Kaira nodded and jotted his answer down in two seconds. His answer was obvious too."I'll take Blaze any day," Silver replied with a shrug. Silver and his little Blazie are going on a cute little date!