Are bridget and shane dating

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Are bridget and shane dating

In March 2014, he starred in the Christian-based film, God's Not Dead, where he plays the main character, college student Josh Wheaton, who has to prove to his atheist professor that God is not dead while this professor is declaring that he is.For this movie, Harper finished writing his song called "Hold You Up", a song that encourages Christians to stand for their faith.In the spring of 2006, a talent agent on the judging panel of a regional dance competition offered Harper an agency representation.Harper had minor roles as a principal dancer in various shows and movies such as High School Musical 2, Re-Animated, and Dance Revolution before becoming one of the lead dancers and the youngest (the Nick 6) on Nickelodeon's Dance on Sunset.It's a little bit of a sad video, but it's still entertaining.and we kind of play love interests in that film, so it felt fitting to ask her. She has always been incredibly supportive of my music and loves the songs, so that always makes it easier.The narrative for that song is really personal to me.It's about the heartbreak of knowing that the person that you once loved is not with you anymore — they're with someone else.

But if you do talk about it, then you just laugh it off and have a good time. With a stranger it can be a bit strange, but it's definitely easier when you have a good connection.? "Satellite" is about hope and making sure to keep that alive in yourself when you're going through difficult times. I want it to represent emotions people can be like, "Oh yeah, I've been through that." Because that's what I love about music.

EP, the first thing you did was freak out over Shane's new, mature sound before replaying it 400 times.

But the second thing you did was wonder if the track — an emotional ballad about the heartbreak that comes with knowing the person you loved is moving on — is about his ex-girlfriend and So, Shane — is the song about Bridgit?

Connecting to the story and what the song's saying and how it feels.

I really just want people to become a part of it and enjoy the songs as much as I do.

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As an artist, I want to share my stories and that's what these songs are and I hope that people can connect to it that way."Watch (and rewatch) Shane's emotional "Like I Did" music video below, premiering exclusively on