Are nat wolff and rosalina dating in real life

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You are so loud I'm surprised they haven't kicked us out! "Sorry Allie, we were just playing truth or dare..." said Nat. Jessie and I can hear you from across the hall." said Allie. "Alright, alright enough, c'mon Qaasim, ask someone." said Alex."Alright...." he looked at Allie. Nat and Alex glanced at each other as if to say "uh oh""Alright, since you need the practice for tomorrow, I dare you too... She was less than pleased..."WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE!

If we have another season, I'm totally getting ideas," he said.My other Harry Potter related account is going to be confidential, but if you comment asking why, if you comment with your account and not a random comment, I'll tell you the answer to the Mystery. Cooper looked at the guys."Knock it off guys, or you'll never hear..know how Nat is..doesn't share who he has feelings for...especially not with them." said Cooper and everyone laughed...except Nat..."Gee, thanks a lot Coop." said Nat. I think it's plenty obvious..he likes A-" Nat covered Alex's mouth. I have been since I was four and she first moved here. Thank you for clicking, and I promise you will be satisfied…. "Truth Coop." Thomas, Alex, Qaasim and David started laughing. "Oh, um..sure..first..." Nat looked at the guys who were making kissy faces at him. I figured you guys would guess that once I asked her to be in the Naked Brothers Band movie when we were six but you never said anything. If you do not like my writing style, that's okay, but don't bother me with your comments if you don't like the style. If you don't like the story in general, don't comment, but if you do like it, feel free.

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Alex covered his mouth and Nat had to bite his toung to keep from strangling Qaasim..