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At […]Just northwest of San Antonio, TX, you will find the historic Camp Bullis, a US Army training camp that spans 27,990 acres.

Located in Bexar County, it was named for Brigadier General John Lapham Bullis.

The Army conducts focused training for progressive combat encounters.

Aberdeen Proving Ground is a US military base located in the Harford County. According to the 2000 calculations, the specific parts hosted around 3100 inhabitants.

To read Colin Mc Cormac's report on how Bourne School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya (now Malaysia) appeared on a return visit in 2006, and for information on Yahoo!

The Army is the oldest military branch, established in 1775.

to read about the research that led Joy O’Neill to implement a pilot project designed to support the needs of primary-school-aged service children at Halton School during periods of mobility and parental deployment.

for a post-World War II NAAFI poster advertising Christmas toys, as well as links to three British Pathé video newsreels filmed in (West) Germany showing British army children in the Rhineland in 1929, and in Hamburg and Hanover/Hannover in 1953.

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The camp is combined use facility for training for both the Florida National Guard and the Florida Army […]Camp Bondsteel is the main military base run by the United States of America under the KFOR (Kosovo Force) laws and regulations.

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