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Ng finally moved to the United States, where he entered Notre Dame de Namur University. Ng was convicted on the remaining charges and was sentenced to 14 years in a military prison.He was released in late 1982, when his sentence was commuted.Ng was charged and subsequently convicted of shoplifting, felonious assault, and possession of a concealed firearm.He was sentenced to four and half years in a Canadian prison. He stood trial in 1998 on 12 counts of murder and was convicted on February 11, 1999, of 11 murders - six men, three women, and two male infants. Ng's trial was lengthy and cost California approximately million.Murder trial After a long extradition battle, Ng was handed over to the U. At the time, it was the most expensive trial in the state's history.Charles Ng is currently on death row at San Quentin State Prison. On the hazy morning of June 2, 1985, Southern San Francisco police received a routine call about a shoplifting incident.

His family reported him missing several weeks earlier. At a young age his mother allegedly encouraged him to take nude photographs of his sister and other adolescent girls.

We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Charles Chi-Tat Ng (Chinese: 吳志達/吴志达,; born December 24, 1960) is a Chinese-American serial killer.

With Leonard Lake, he is suspected of murdering between 11 and 25 victims at Lake's ranch in Calaveras County, California.

When he was arrested for shoplifting at age 15, his father sent him to Bentham Grammar boarding school in Yorkshire, England. Marine Corps Ng enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in early 1980, but after serving less than a year he was dishonorably discharged for theft of heavy weaponry and machine guns from MCAS Kaneohe Bay.

Not long after arriving, he was expelled for stealing from other students and returned to Hong Kong. He was further charged with escape from confinement and attempted desertion, though the desertion charge was dropped.

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Murders Ng met Leonard Lake in 1983 and the two are suspected of murdering between 11 and 25 victims at Lake's ranch in Calaveras County, California.

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