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Asp net c listview itemupdating

The Student ID property was marked with the [Scaffold Column(false)] attribute so it is not rendered. Click Insert and notice the new student has been created.

In the Main Content placeholder of the Add Student page, add the following code. In this tutorial, you enabled updating, deleting, and creating data.

Notice that when in the edit mode the value for the Year property is automatically rendered as a drop down list.

In this tutorial, you will use a Form View control to add a new record.

First, add a link to the new page you will create for adding a new record.

Within that method, you provide the logic for interacting with the data.

This tutorial builds on the project created in the first part of the series. The downloadable code works with either Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013.

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You can easily integrate pre-built dynamic data templates into your existing site by installing a Nu Get package.

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