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Assyrian dating service

Since marriage is a matter of family convenience, not a private affair based on personal affection, one of the primary obligations of parents is to arrange marriages for their children.This authority lies with the head and master of the household -- the father.

Pre- and extra-marital affairs are considered dishonorable and are almost unknown practices among Assyrians.

Assyrian rituals have also been influenced by the Moslem cultures they have had to live with, whether Arab, Persian, Turkish or Kurdish.

Assyrians have acquired some of the customs of these cultures; at the same time, Moslem governments have sometimes restricted Assyrian practices.

Church doctrine and custom give the husband (jawra) authority over his wife (bakhta), who is expected to lead a life of obedience and service; this authority often gives rise to abuses.

Nevertheless, until quite recently, it has been established tradition that the father's will must be followed without question.6 Less traditional families are less strict about arranging marriages, but even in these instances the parents still play a major role in selecting the prospective mate and concluding the formalities.' Some parents choose a girl for their son and then ask for his approval.

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Elopement (Jelawtha) against parental wishes is very disreputable, and is seldom practiced.