Auc dating system

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Auc dating system

To those who are not religious, you already think Christianity and other such beliefs unfounded and are aware of the futility of convincing a person of faith that there views are misguided.

To those religious readers, you are already aware of the folly of the unbeliever and would preach that, while you hope to welcome then into salvation, free will is bestowed from above and personal opinion is between yourself and your maker.

Historical dates after the birth of Christ are classified as AD, short for the Latin phrase , or "in the year of our Lord." Contrary to popular belief, AD does not stand for "After Death." The BC/AD system for identifying historical dates has been in continuous use ever since the earliest part of the Middle Ages, at least.

Several centuries after the AD/BC identification of historical dates became popular, a new movement developed among scientists, historians and some religious leaders.

Although the birth of Christ is still used as a reference in the BCE/CE system, the Christian influence is not as apparent.

Some have argued that the religious significance of the BC/AD method has already been largely forgotten, so the need for change is not readily apparent. I could care less which thing we use, but seriously, if you are Christian, use BC/AD.

The BCE/CE method of assigning historical dates also fails to fix the BC/AD system's lack of a practical Year Zero.

That we humans messed up and couldn't figure out his birthday and year makes us more human.To use this as a platform for aggressive argument and small-minded opinion sharing is tedious and wasteful.I appreciate the slight hypocrisy of this post but was looking up interesting facts of history and was quite surprised at the general content of this discussion and felt the rare need to compel people to reconsider posting more irrelevant nonsense. Don't care about American media etc.; anti-Christianity is global.How terrible and violent will every day be when everyone around you no longer cares about anything or you.Seems to be an awful lot of unrelated posting on here.

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The time following the birth of Christ was now referred to as the "Vulgar Era" in some circles.