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If the cataloger anticipates a long wait for approval, the bib record may be exported ahead of time but should be re-exported once the heading appears in the national authority file.

Otherwise, MARS will not be able to send us the authority record.

Wait and update the record once the warning message has disappeared.

Following a MARBI Committee (Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information Committee) proposal approved in July 2008, use of the 440 MARC field will become obsolete.

Bib Records Created in Orbis: Export to MARS for authorities processing once the cataloging is completed.

Bib Records Created in OCLC: Export to MARS for authorities processing once the cataloging is completed and the record has been imported into Orbis.

The warning message means that the bibliographic record has been sent to MARS for authorities processing but has not yet been received back and loaded.

Any changes that you make to the record will get overlaid.

When should I Ask the Authority Control Coordinator to make a heading correction? Catalogers should generally make headings changes themselves if fewer than 20 records need to be changed or if special subject or language expertise is required to determine the correct heading. May I correct headings in the records of other Yale units? Do not change other units' local subject headings without permission. Please refer the problem to the Authority Control Librarian using the web form.

YUL has adopted use of the 490/8XX combination for all traced series.

Importing other authority records into Orbis will generally not be necessary because MARS authorities processing will automatically "claim" the authority records that we need and send them to us for loading.

Note that there are two categories of authority records that MARS does not provide us: 1) series-like phrase records; 2) reference records.

Catalogers may import these into Orbis as they encounter them.

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Remember to replace the OCLC delimiter sign with the Orbis delimiter sign when pasting an OCLC heading into an Orbis bib record (and vice versa).