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Autococker serial number dating

We don’t like two-piece barrels, but the J&J worked very well.

We will probably end up changing the barrel, but we trust Bud Orr, and hence did not second guess his decision in our testing process.

It is the connection that turns a human being into a paintball player.

But this shouldn’t be a surprise, triggers are supposed to be like that. The length of the trigger pull came out to be about 3.0 to 3.5mm, not the shortest ever, but very acceptable.

The barrel is a two piece J&J stainless steel back and aluminum front.

The front is anodized to match the blue of the marker.

Take a closer look at the custom milling and Black Magic logo on the autococker side. Although we are not particular for anodized and splashed markers, the blue anodizing on this marker looks just right.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see the milling below the cocking arm. We were terrified when all the STOs started coming in all sorts of fade anodizing, but we are happy to announce that this blue actually looks very good. Right underneath the sight rail there is milling so you can see right through it.

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