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Ayi dating

AYI manages all and before the blink of your eye, a prepopulated list of suitable match will be in front of your eyes.With its ability to safely secure sensitive information, it is undoubtedly turning out to be most sought after website.However, the experience is specifically designed for mobile users, as opposed to AYI’s online service.

SNAP’s CEO, Alex Harrington, said in a statement, “we needed a stronger brand identity to communicate those benefits effectively to new and existing users.” To entice these users as part of the branding effort, First Met intends to offer free trials of the product and “open house” dates, during which new and existing users can have the benefits of premium features at no cost.

Are You Interested (AYI), the first online dating service to utilize Facebook connections in its matchmaking process by pairing friends of friends in the same social media circles, has announced that it has rebranded its AYI app and website.

The new service is called First Met, which parent company Snap Interactive says “reflects the company’s vision for making it easier for single adults to meet new people in a friendly, low-pressure environment.” At first glance, the design of First Met is similar, and the app still uses Facebook as a connection tool.

The selection process of this website is not annoying like other websites of same kind.

All new users are asked to pick three images that are of interest to the user as AYI helps in determining the choice of the user.

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  1. Viewing profiles on your smartphone is much easier on the smaller screen, as it emphasizes the pictures, and leaves out the blank white spaces.

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