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We really want to applaud the women who had the courage to come forward and tell us about this thing that wasn’t right.It’s really difficult when you’ve been victimized –not only through your heartstrings– but through your wallet.” Moenian is described as a Middle Eastern man with a medium complexion who could pass as Italian or European.

He is in custody and expected to appear in court on March 12.Coquitlam RCMP is releasing Reza Moeinian’s photo because there are likely more victims who have not yet spoken to police and we need to further the investigation.THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO – RCMP Fraud and theft charges have been laid against a 37-year-old British Columbia man accused of swindling money from people he met through online dating sites and dating referral services.“There were multiple sites being used and we don’t want people to focus too much on one particular site,” explains RCMP Corporal Michael Mc Laughlin. Moeinian is accused of using dating brokers –real people– to hook up with victims.” Mounties believe Moeinian uses a pseudonym on dating sites.The Maple Ridge man has been charged with two counts of fraud over ,000, one count of theft over ,000, and one count of causing someone to use a forged document. “It’s an unusual step for the RCMP to release a photo of the accused and we have to do that because we believe there’s a strong possibility there are more victims out there who haven’t spoken to police,” Mc Laughlin adds.

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Anyone who may have been a victim of “romance fraud” is asked to call their local police.

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