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In the case of Photos, your older i Photo or Aperture image library may be updated.

This is one of the reasons why it's a great idea to perform a backup before running the OS X installer; you can recover any needed data files that may be updated and subsequently may cause you some type of problem.

OS X El Capitan can be found in the Mac App Store as a free upgrade for anyone who is running OS X Snow Leopard or later.

Should you have a Mac that meets the minimum system requirements for El Capitan, but is running a system earlier than OS X Snow Leopard, you will first need to purchase OS X Snow Leopard (available from the Apple store), and then follow these instructions to install Snow Leopard on your Mac.

Apple once again provides only two basic installation methods: the upgrade install, which is the process this guide will take you through, and a clean install.

Upgrade Install overwrites your current version of OS X, replaces any outdated system files, installs new system files, resets file permissions, updates Apple-supplied apps, and installs new Apple apps.

Most major system updates include changes to Apple apps, and it's likely that when you first run apps, such as Mail or Photos, the app itself will update associated user data.

Gone are the days of complex install options, such as Archive and Install, which backed up your current system and then performed an upgrade install.

Using the clean install option will leave you with a Mac that is very similar to a brand-new Mac just taken out of the box and plugged in for the first time.

There will be no third-party apps installed, and no users or user data.

Before you decide to participate in the public beta or install the new Mac operating system once it's released, you should take a look at which Macs will support the OS, and what the minimum specifications are.

You can find out if your Mac is up to snuff by taking a look at this guide: OS X El Capitan Minimum Requirements Once you have determined that your Mac meets the requirements, you’re almost ready to proceed with installing the new system.

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Let's move on to Page 3 and start the actual installation.