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Inside this book, you will get: I would not be doing you a service if I didn’t provide you with tools to Weed Out The Users, The Couch Potatoes And The Losers.

These guys are smooth and many of you fall for their great looks and unwavering charm!

You’ve probably been angry-texting him and blowing up his voicemail and email with your anger and frustration. Today we get to work – today we begin the journey to get him back!

Because I give my email address in every book, I hear from and answer women every day.

Now, you can identify which type of woman you are and learn which type of man might be the best fit for you!

In addition to these different types of men and women, the second half of the book contains: This topic is the most emotional one I write about and I’m sorry to say it’s wildly popular. Most of the coaching I do, many of the emails I receive and a lot of the One Question questions I get come from women who are in terrible despair, having just lost a boyfriend. If you’re suffering from this same loss, How To Get Your Ex Back Fast is your must-read!

These two books help you uncomplicate the male mind while giving you the tools you need to counteract male behavior and get the relationship you want!

The Social Tigress is the first dating advice book I wrote to help women find a great guy.

Reading this book and using all of the tools provided will help you find and date more great men.

When I coach women on finding a great guy, one suggestion I always make is to date several men and to date more than one man at once.

I guarantee you that the men you meet are not dating just you, not at first anyway.

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