Black men dating japanese

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Black men dating japanese

Young people like to be different in one way or another and stand out as individuals.

Hard to do in a country where conformity is encouraged.

People often say that imitation is the biggest form of flattery. Just what they were getting out of perming their hair to get an afro then sticking an afro pick in it? For one thing, I knew today’s b-boys, popping and locking in the hallways of train stations (with extra effort as I walked by it always seemed), dancehall divas, and rent-a-dreads were tomorrow’s salarimen and OLs (salary men and office ladies, colloquial Japanese for corporate business men and secretaries).

They would eventually grow up, conform and consider their former passions and pastimes as just kid stuff.

Seeing this apparent fascination by some Japanese people with all things black, my mind went from “Kokujin kakkoii!

” is what I was often told whenever I asked what was behind the admiration of black people. I admit it was a bit of an ego boost hearing it whispered behind me as I walked down the narrow yet crowded Takeshita –Dori in trendy Harajuku or while getting down on the dance floor till 5am in Shibuya.

Having lived in several areas of Saitama and Tokyo over three and a half years, pulled me out of my Canadian comfort zone and tested the limits of my Westerner patience.

He found it refreshing to see a new take on music, fashion and food we both grew up with. Playing with culture the way you play with the latest gadget could hardly be a positive thing, especially if you don’t know the culture well enough.

It’s not strange for a bar to have a “no foreigners” sign or for non-Japanese to be denied an apartment because the landlord “doesn’t rent to foreigners.” And you’ll have people on top of trucks in front of stations sometimes yelling for foreigners to go back home.

I do feel it’s a little worse for people of color (African descent, Chinese, Indian, Korean etc.) than it is for Whites.

To see aspects of my own culture in Japan was, to say the least, surprising.

I didn’t quite know what to make of Jamaican food and music festivals, Japanese reggae artists or clubs named Harlem or Bootie which played the newest Hip hop and R and B music.

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I had my own issues when trying to rent an apartment that I blogged about here.

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