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More recently, designer Oki Sato transformed the contour bottle into elegant green glass tableware as part of Japan's ongoing program in design sustainability.Once favored largely by jewelry-makers, sea glass is now being used in all sorts of creative ways, from swimming pool decor to wall hangings and wind chimes, as more people embrace its mix of beauty and history, Beuke notes."It represents something historic that's been on a long journey," she explained.The largest brewery in the United States, Anheuser-Busch jump-started the dating controversy (mostly an effort to make smaller breweries look bad) by changing their date codes in 1996.When residents returned their war-torn island, some resourceful artists began collecting discarded Coke bottles and repurposing them into everything from simple glass bulbs to exquisitely patterned vases.

An estimated 75 percent of sea glass comes from bottles, and Coke bottles make up the majority of the burnished antique green sea glass found on beaches from Maine to Japan.That's due in large part to the company's use of the color green in its glass bottles, La Motte said. It continued with that nice soft green color from 1915 until well into the 1960s." Prior to 1915, bottles were amber or a clear hue known as flint, explains Ted Ryan, Coke's director of heritage communications."Automation came in the 1900s and bottling companies switched" to clear and brown colors for efficiency reasons, he said. When the company standardized and went with the contour bottle, also known as the "hobble-skirt" or "Mae West" bottle for its hourglass curves, it wanted to standardize on a color as well and chose a light green color also known as German green, he explained."Budweiser", "Bud Dry" "Bud Light", "Busch", "Michelob", "Michelob Light", and "O'Doul's" are registered trademarks of Anheuser-Busch, Inc. Estimating the age of antique bottles can sometimes be a difficult task even for the experienced collector.

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Many packages (especially bottles and cans) only include half the code. Note that most packages printed after Anheuser-Busch began Freshness Dating will also have a blue "Born On" icon explaining the 110-day limit.

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