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I think it’s one of the few venues in Brighton that’s mainly for young people.I think it’s one of those places that’s almost like a hub, for younger people to get together and listen to new bands.The nationwide initiative, which started in Lincolnshire in 2016, has grown in prominence, and the Poole Pubwatch group have put up posters in their premises to spread the word and encourage customers to use it.Chairman Lauren Nolan, from Camden in Ashley Cross, said: “Poole Pubwatch has been proactively making our night time economy more welcoming and encouraging a safe and happy environment for people to enjoy themselves for several years.PUB customers who feel unsafe, harassed or fear their drink has been spiked are being encouraged to ‘Ask for Angela’.The scheme, which is being promoted by the Poole Pubwatch group, is aimed at reducing sexual violence and vulnerability by providing customers with a non-descript phrase they can use to get the attention of staff members.With the growth of online dating, the group says it is a useful tool for pub staff and customers to be aware of.Anyone who feels unsafe when meeting a person for a date, particularly someone they have met online, can get help from staff by simply asking to speak to ‘Angela’.

I remember when I first came here for The Great Escape, five of six years ago, noticing that everyone was walking around with a guitar on their back.It’s up and coming, and for aspiring musicians from Dorset it’s a much better prospect than sitting around in open fields.Unless you know how to drive a tractor you don’t really have any prospects there. I think because it’s got such good connections to London, which obviously really helps.As in, try your best but if things don’t work out just keep going.I think it really encapsulates where we were at the time, and where we are now.

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It was weird because we just came together to see what we could come up with.