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This leads me to share my mom-thoughts with you, from a “mother of boys” perspective.I want to assure you of what we do intentionally at our house.Rules get us nowhere, but a heart’s conviction and desire to put others before ourselves and to seek God’s Truth in all things – well, that will change everything about how you and I see life as we strive for Kingdom living. I’ll continue to do my part in raising (hopeful) future husbands, fathers, men of God. About the time I thought my list was too unrealistic – like there wasn’t a guy on the planet that would meet all my expectations – I finally met him. Seek Jesus, choose goodness, and keep on being adorable. With love , Laura, mother of teenage boys ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey Moms! After 20 years of parenting and learning the hard way about truly trusting God with my four children, I wrote the Prayer Mugs. Download your Prayer Mugs e Book and enjoy the richness it offers as you surrender your kids to God.​​​​​​​ 96 pages filled with lessons I've learned through 20 years of parenting, scripture, encouragement, printables, journaling pages, and truth.You do your part in seeking His goodness in every area of your life as a (hopeful) future wife, mother, woman of God. Then he exceeded my expectations and he even wanted to marry me. Please join me in enjoying the true peace that God offers as we raise our children!

It melts my heart every time my boys open a door for me.

“She was very social and a very happy, easy baby,” says Kevin Pelphrey, Frances's father.

Pelphrey is a leading autism researcher at Yale University's world-renowned Child Study Center.

Dear Teenage Girls, I think you all know how much I love spending time with you.

I’m the only one of “our kind” at my house, so any time I’m with one or more of you and we can talk about sparkly things like toenail polish, cute dresses, and all of our feeeeeelings, I find it so refreshing and fun. I can’t wait until the day four of you are my daughters-in-law. I wouldn’t trade my life with a houseful of men for anything in the entire world, and I cherish my life for exactly what it is.

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Yes (for the love of my teenage, Jesus-seeking sons) do both.

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