C user control not updating dating services singapore

Posted by / 09-Mar-2020 08:33

In the original page there was no id on the Image control. Only it so happens there’s already another control Image1 on the page (why that is is another point of debate for another day ).

BTW, if you get the General Exception Failure dialog you may not be completely screwed either.The problem here is that this is difficult to figure out. You see the error – the compiler is missing the controls – but you get no hint as to why the codebehind page is not behing generated.When I run into this problem I usually start by deleting the .page and hoping that then opening the page in the visual designer and saving will fix any nascent problems.I’ve never converted a site to WAP that just worked – usually there are a few oddball pages that require manual ‘intervention’.This is a nasty problem but also one that is to a degree self-inflicted.

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The user control tag becomes the focus of the error after pasting it onto the parent page, rather then the real problem, because yet again, the designer reference has not been created.