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Cam without credit card

Years later (about 2 years ago) I got served to go to court for this debt that Midland Funding had purchased.They had an attorney named Mark Johnson and they said that they money owed now was like 00.Stop and consider what your options to resolve the credit card judgment will look like next year. Judgments do have a “best collected by” date, but can be renewed.

I can’t recall exactly) and stopped making payments on it because of my husband’s job loss after the recession.

However, your credit history and score has become more important with the arrival of comprehensive credit reporting (meaning more data is listed on your report) and risk-based pricing (where lenders can set an interest rate based on your credit profile). There are a few different credit reporting bodies and they all have different systems for scoring credit.

So, the million dollar question is, do you have a good or bad credit rating? Get your free credit report and score A good credit rating is when your credit score is high. For example, if you get your free credit score from finder it will be delivered from Experian and it will be a number between 0 and 1,000.

There are challenges to settling credit card debts that have reached the lawsuit and judgment stage.

Before I address the challenges, I want to point out that the best time to settle credit card debts is before a lawsuit is filed, and even before the account is placed with a debt collection attorney.

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