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Cats dating video

Here is an extract (from here) from a news article…Last year, the NSW government asked a seven-member panel of big cat experts to view a video shot near Lithgow, west of Grose Vale, of what appeared to be a large black cat – possibly a panther – in close proximity to a large feral cat.A few bits of circumstantial evidence suggest to some that feral cats in Australia are now reaching enormous sizes, equivalent to that of a small leopard.This sounds incredible: how does the evidence hold up? On the one hand I want to try and maintain some sort of credibility as a trained scientist, but on the other hand there is a strong incentive to write about the fantastic, the incredible, and the bizarre, simply because this is what generates the hits.Regular readers will know that I always try and self-justify my occasional forays into cryptozoology and associated topics in this way, mostly out of a massive amount of paranoia. Wherever it is in the world that you live, you’ve probably heard tales and reports of mysterious big cats that wander about the countryside and, generally, go unphotographed and uncaught.

Clearly, what I’m getting at is hard to quantify, but it was as if someone had super-sized a feral moggie.A Melbourne zoo official, Noel Harcourt, went on record as saying that the animal was a large feral cat and not a leopard or other exotic species, but didn’t comment on the animal’s exceptional size.Other bits of video footage, and photos, apparently showing particularly big feral black cats can also be seen on Mike William’s blog Australian Big Cats.I’m not going to attempt to estimate sizes here (I’m notoriously bad at doing that), but I conclude that the Dunkeld cat both (1) looks more like a cat than anything else and (2) is exceptionally big.Burston estimated its shoulder height at 75 cm, and this doesn’t seem inappropriate.

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and The Cupar roe deer carcass), the whole ‘unphotographed and uncaught’ thing is not true, and in reality there are numerous photographs and even several dead bodies demonstrating that feral alien cats are a reality (Shuker 1995).

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