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Chaiken dating

By 1980, Chaiken had landed her first real job, as an assistant at the soon-to-be-legendary talent agency CAA.At the time, the firm didn't accept women into its agent training program. I walked out [already] on the phone saying, 'I want this.

It was during that period that she started dating women; shortly thereafter she met Miggi Hood, now her ex, the co-parent of their twin 20-year-old daughters."We did the scripted show, we did the ensemble reality show and it's probably going to become a documentary this year," Nevins said, noting that there could be a few different ways producers could go."It could be one part, could be two parts; there's a few different ways we could do it. Showtime entertainment president David Nevins, speaking to reporters Saturday following his executive session at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour, said the reality entry may have seen its last days."I want to keep the franchise going and want to change up the show, he said, calling "an important franchise." "It's probably not going to continue in exactly the same form.

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"They told us it was because we couldn't carry typewriters," Chaiken says. Daniels and Strong would not be denied and finally persuaded her to screen the pilot. "They usher you into a little room and give you the remote and then more or less lock the door. Let's go for it.' " up and running, Daniels and Strong had always intended to get back to their film projects and cede day-to-day control.

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