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This leads to further thinning, floatation, rapid calving and increased glacier recession Recent sea level rise.

W., van den Broeke, M., Weiss, J., Wilhelms, F., Winther, J.

This rate of warming is unusual, but not unprecedented. M., Bigler, M., Castellano, E., Cattani, O., Chappellaz, J., Dahl Jensen, D., Delmonte, B., Dreyfus, G., Durand, G., Falourd, S., Fischer, H., Fluckiger, J., Hansson, M. J., Jouzel, J., Kaufmann, P., Kipfstuhl, J., Lambert, F., Lipenkov, V.

12 glaciers around the Antarctic Peninsula showed near-frontal surface lowering since the 1960s, with higher rates of thinning for glaciers on the north-western Antarctic Peninsula.

Surface lowering ceases at about 400m in altitude across all the glaciers, which may be due to increased high-altitude accumulation. calculate that the Antarctic Ice Sheet as a whole currently contributes about 0.19 mm±0.05 mm per year to global sea level rise, which is largely from the Antarctic Peninsula, the Amundsen Sea sector (including Pine Island Glacier), and which is partly balanced by increased ice accumulation in East Antarctica.

, which is significant, as their mass balance is more directly controlled by temperature and precipitation, compared with marine-terminating glaciers, which respond non-linearly to climate forcing. & Kirby, M.) 61-68 (American Geophysical Union, Antarctic Research Series, Volume 79, Washington, D.

A paper published recently in showed that glaciers around the Antarctic Peninsula are thinning. Recent rapid regional climate warming on the Antarctic Peninsula.

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Glaciers are accelerating across the Antarctic Peninsula, and combined with the thinning and recession observed across the Antarctic Peninsula, indicates that there is a climatically-driven rise in sea level from this region. Once warm ocean water can access the underside of a glacier, melting from below exacerbates thinning from above, resulting in increased and rapid glacier thinning. Glaciers are thinning and receding in response to warmer temperatures, and thinning glaciers are easier to float.

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