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Tatler, UK, in its travel guide 2010 ranks it among “the best 101 hotels in the world”.

The hotel is run by its owner Siraj Ulmulk, an ex PIA pilot, and his wife Ghazalla Ulmulk.

They speak the Kalasha language and practice polytheistic religion (Belief in many gods).

They are related to the Nuristani people of the adjacent Nuristan (Previously known as Kafiristan) province of Afghanistan.

You can take a PIA flight from Islamabad or Peshawar.

It takes around 10 hours from Islamabad to reach Chitral by road and about 7 hours from Peshawar.In addition to his relationship with Khenpo Ngakchung, Chatral Rinpoche also studied with some of the last century's most renowned masters, including Dudjom Rinpoche, Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö, and the famed dakini, Sera Khandro.Rinpoche was one of the primary lineage holders of the Longchen Nyingtik, and in particular the lineage that descends through Jigme Lingpa's heart son Jikmé Gyalwé Nyugu and then on to Patrul Rinpoche.The Kalash people have a distinctive culture which is completely in contrast with the other tribes living close by.In their religion, sacrifices are offered and festivals held to thank their gods for the bountiful resources in their area.

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The Kalash villages in all three valleys are located at an altitude of about 1900 to 2200 m.