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The problem with today’s dating world is that people are looking for that initial spark, the WOW when they first meet someone. R) but we both definitely felt a connection, after a couple of dates it fizzled. Now some people you’ll go out with and they’re a definite NO and that’s OK. You didn’t want to jump their bones but they were an interesting date. I felt like I was hit by a meteor and I seriously thought I was going to pass out. I went on a date a couple months ago with a someone who I also had crazy chemistry with (not as much as Mr. Don’t fool yourself and don’t give up those potentially great people just because they didn’t blow you away the first date.

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Well, chemistry is an important piece of the big picture. Well, sometimes when you meet someone you have an instant connection. Communication doesn’t take effort and time passes without you even noticing. You meet someone and it’s like you were hit by train. We’ve all been there and felt like that’s it, this is THE ONE. Everything else is the pretty packaging, including instant chemistry.

Something about them draws you in and keeps you there, you can’t pull yourself away. It gives instant chemistry, but it doesn’t give you a relationship because once the dust settles there really isn’t much to go on. Good relationships are the product of building a solid foundation of trust, love, honesty, respect, consideration, generosity, passion and attraction. Good relationships are two people walking in the same direction, together, side by side.

I often get asked about the importance of chemistry and what role it has to play in dating success. You do need those butterflies, even if they’re small ones, but manage your expectations.

Finding love is finding the various puzzle pieces that should fit easily into your picture of what happily ever after looks like for you. If you’ve got it all then you’re lucky, but really, the pretty packaging will not always be there, you need the stability in order to have relationship success.

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Someone asked me recently if chemistry matters in a relationship and my answer is, yes. Chemistry makes a huge difference in a relationship. In fact, they always get kind of serious when they talk about it. Sometimes even more powerful than our thoughts, so if you’re anything like me, sometimes chemistry has walked you into some really unhealthy situations. I would get so frustrated because I wanted to date nice guys. Which meant that I had to ask myself some hard questions. It can be a romantic evening spread on a blanket on a riverbank, admiring the beauty. Do you have chemistry with your significant other now?