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It set off a scramble in Washington’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies to contain the fallout, but investigators were bitterly divided over the cause.

Others believed that the Chinese had hacked the covert system the C.

lured the man back to the United States around 2012 with a ruse about a possible contract with the agency, an arrangement common among former officers.

agents had been blunted — it is not clear how — but the damage had been done. China has been particularly aggressive in its espionage in recent years, beyond the breach of the Office of Personnel Management records in 2015, American officials said. In addition, according to the complaint, she received a fully furnished apartment and a stipend.

Working out of a secret office in Northern Virginia, they began analyzing every operation being run in Beijing. A., a theory that agency officials were at first reluctant to embrace — and that some in both agencies still do not believe.

opened a joint investigation run by top counterintelligence officials at both agencies.

investigates possible ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russia, the unsettled nature of the China investigation demonstrates the difficulty of conducting counterespionage investigations into sophisticated spy services like those in Russia and China. It’s not clear whether agents confronted the man about whether he had spied for China. Agents questioned the man, asking why he had decided to stay in Asia, concerned that he possessed a number of secrets that would be valuable to the Chinese. believed had become disillusioned with the Chinese government’s corruption. As more and more sources vanished, the operation took on increased urgency. The mole hunt eventually zeroed in on a former agency operative who had worked in the C. A.’s division overseeing China, believing he was most likely responsible for the crippling disclosures. A.’s top spy hunter, Mark Kelton, resisted the mole theory, at least initially, former officials say. One former senior American official said the investigation had been code-named Honey Badger. Their debates were punctuated with macabre phone calls — “We lost another one” — and urgent questions from the Obama administration wondering why intelligence about the Chinese had slowed.

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Investigators still disagree how it happened, but the unsettled nature of the China investigation demonstrates the difficulty of conducting counterespionage investigations into sophisticated spy services.

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