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"Its funny that I run into people [now] that don't know who he is.That's the reality of life moving on but still shocks me a bit. Lots of laughs I promise."Heard just now it was Farley's birthday today. Thats the reality of life moving on but still shocks me a bit. Lots of laughs i promise Ps this duckface was cranked to the maximus A post shared by David Spade (@davidspade) on Farley's younger brother, actor Kevin Farley, also marked the occasion by sharing several articles about the boisterous performer's all-too-short career. "Tell the ones you love that you love them."Hard to believe it’s 20years. Remembering Chris Farley 20 years after his death: 'People talk about him like he's alive.He maniacally hopscotched through Chicago bars, consuming large quantities of drugs and alcohol and fraternizing with a series of party girls.Just a week before his death, Farley made another pit stop at He Vt2q C— The Second City (@The Second City) December 18, 201720 yrs ago I was shooting a funeral scene with @Imkevinfarley when i picked up my phone “I’m sorry about Chris.” I hung up & went to find Kevin because I knew.. Chris Farley began his run on Saturday Night Live at about the time I was giving up the show.

He always struck me as what at bottom he was---a big, goofy fat kid who had figured out a long time ago that the best way to keep his teachers and the bullies off balance was to keep them laughing and then got addicted to their laughter.Still has an effect on me and lots of people around the world. In many ways he still is' HCP6B6rf via @Wi State Journal— Kevin Farley (@Imkevinfarley) December 17, 201720 years ago, the world lost a comedy giant. I love you Chris.— Tom Arnold (@Tom Arnold) December 18, 2017RELATED CONTENT: WATCH: Chris Farley Documentary Unveils the Late Comedian's Complex Struggles FLASHBACK: Working Out with Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Kevin Nealon & Mike Myers in '93 FLASHBACK: 'Tommy Boy' Turns 20!Sending our love to Chris Farley's family, friends, and his millions of fans today. Either way, I see him as a sadder, more desperate character, more of a victim. And she might find somebody with more money than me.It sounds too like he was the more decent and likeable guy.

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