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Check it out for updates, pics, and simple thoughts on our sacramental life together in this particular household.As I was helping someone with a current research project, I came across this essay that I wrote about a year ago.Time is not itself movement, but it does not exist independent of movement.

Therefore, he decides to make a ‘moving image of eternity’ (37d).[7] When the demiurge ordered the heavens, he made an image of the eternal, but the image moves according to number, while eternity itself rests in unity.I will begin by giving some background into his philosophical and contextual influences.A summation of his exploration on this subject in the Confessions will follow.Finally, I will give a concise assessment of the adequacy of Augustine’s notion for contemporary theological reflection and attempt to point forward as we continue to wrestle with the mystery of time and eternity in relation to divine revelation.Prolegomena: It is helpful to begin with some general background information both on Augustine’s contextual influences for his particular way of viewing this subject and on broader theological / philosophical reflections concerning time and eternity.

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Ironically, this concrete Christian context of ministry results in an extremely Neo-platonic philosophical excursus.