Christian dating and kissing

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Christian dating and kissing

Cons: The other couple may not share the same values as your Christian teen.They may encourage inappropriate activity or leave early.

The Solution: Try using that age as a "review" age.Also, teens sometimes don't stay in one place for an entire date.The Solution: There are several solutions to this issue. If you are dating someone who doesn’t have a personal relationship with Christ, you are playing with fire. Don’t let the relationship progress to a physical point and then hope you can cut it off later. You need all the help you can get in today’s world. Do you depend on Him to meet your needs of love and security? If you can’t stand the person but have a great physical relationship, rethink the relationship. If one person is uncomfortable with any type of physical expression, don’t do it. Don’t push a date to do anything that makes him/her feel uncomfortable.

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You must decide before you go on the date what your limits will be.