Christian dating red deer

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Christian dating red deer

The team started to clean the area they believed to be the tomb and discovered a small blocked-up door on the vertical section of the substructure's second level, about 2.80 meters (9.19 ft.) over the level of the Temple Plaza.When they removed the block, they saw a six meter (19.69 ft.) long corridor which led to one of the best preserved galleries discovered in Palenque to date.The tomb is located inside Temple XIII, among the ruins of the ancient Maya city of Palenque.Excavations were carried out at the temple to discover its construction sequence and the methods used in building it. He located the space which he called the burial chamber.With this, the team found that the woman died when she was about sixty years old and had osteoporosis.Moreover, her diet was revealed to be based mostly on meat.It covers up to 2.5 square kilometers (1 square mile).

Her remains were transported to the laboratory of the Mexican National Institute of Archaeology and History.

Palenque continues to be one of the most famous ancient cities and one of the most fascinating places connected with the Maya civilization.

Some people believe that the location has a special energy source too.

The face was covered with a funeral mask made of malachite pieces.

Inside the sarcophagus, archaeologists also discovered a seashell with a small limestone figurine inside of it.

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A few meters later, between the other magnificent corridors and chambers there was a treasure waiting – one which overwhelmed the researchers.